Tranoï in Paris showcases the Women’s Spring Summer 2020 collection

Maurizio Massimino stepped outside the box and presented overhauled, sartorial style in the spellbinding Palais De La Bourse during the Tranoi International Fashion Events in Paris.

The new women’s SS 2020 collection conveys the inimitable message of Maurizio Massimino, who likes to steer clear of the clean-cut, austere style that prevails among the masses in everyday life. He presents a unique take that stems from a hugely varied range of spectacular experiences.

“The Spring Summer 2020 collection tells the tale of three journeys that really brought out my creative side. It merges moods to push beyond the ordinary and make women feel precious and special. In Africa I fell in love with the colours of the sand and the soil, ranging from white and beige to chocolate hues. The resulting clothes come with zebra-pattern fabric detailing and hand-written wording. Meanwhile, I was enchanted by the idea of festive occasions in coastal locations such as Mykonos, Saint-Tropez and Capri, with backdrops formed by stripes, floral patterns, fresh and light fabrics like linen, and blue, white and sandy hues. Finally, I took my passion for the garments with a vintage flavour that I seek out across the globe and used it as the basis for research, giving them a modern twist. I mixed influences from the three journeys in outfits that reject today’s conventional approaches.

Therein lies the appeal of my new women’s collection, which is filled with appliqués, detailing, tweaked and fused styles and materials, cultures and approaches to life. It is for a woman who is at ease with what she wears. She feels unique and exclusive when she is shrouded in my unconventional style.”

The following stand: C 08, for trademarks MAURIZIO MASSIMINO,
is located in Palais de la Bourse, PARIS
From 27/09/2019 to 30/09/2019